Eleven reasons to use Umbraco for public sector organisations

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Over the past few years, circumstances have forced public sector organisations to speed up their (inevitable) digital transformation process. With physical locations closing, staff working from home more often and customers demanding a better service, archaic websites and digital systems are no longer sufficient enough for everyone’s needs.

It’s certainly the case in many situations whereby, rather than using a simple tech stack that involves one single content management system (CMS) to cover all processes, businesses try to work around their needs by implementing a host of disconnected systems. Why? Often to save money and time. But, in actual fact, working in this way will only cause more problems further down the line.

What many organisations are unaware of is that you can actually have one single solution that does everything you need and more. Other short-term fixes may seem appealing at first, but putting in the effort now really does pay off in the long run. 

We know, what single CMS could possibly cater to all of your public sector needs?


And here’s why:

  1. It’s free to use so you’ll just need to pay for the development work your website agency carries out (if you decide to use one)
  2. It offers the opportunity to build a website from the ground up which means you can truly customise the website and integrations to your specific needs
  3. It’s scalable so no matter how big your organisation grows, Umbraco has the ability to grow with you
  4. It’s user-friendly for staff meaning employees will no longer spend the majority of their time navigating a difficult interface; Umbraco’s intuitive content editor makes things easy (see our blog post all about editing within the CMS here)
  5. It’s easy for customers and visitors to use; because the backend of Umbraco has been designed so smartly, this naturally means that the customer-facing part of the website is also straightforward to navigate. Umbraco allows you to create a frictionless journey for your customers, thus maintaining trust with your organisation i.e. customers would have one set of login details that work across multiple areas of the organisation
  6. It’s flexible for developers so changes can be made with ease or new functionality can be added, meaning the possibilities are endless (this is where we can help!)
  7. It offers secure API integrations which enables you to combine your custom systems into one single platform - no more switching tabs and logging in with different details depending on what system you’re using!
  8. It gives your customers the digital experience they expect; people have such high digital expectations through the experiences they have with the likes of Amazon and Netflix and, unfortunately, this filters through to all areas of life. Right down to being able to order their waste bin online from the local council! We no longer like making calls unless we absolutely have to, and this is the same experience customers want from a public sector organisation
  9. It allows for better collaboration between departments so teams will no longer be working in silo within your organisation, meaning you can really focus on a customer-centric approach
  10. Accessibility compliance can easily be achieved by using Umbraco
  11. There’s tons of support within the Umbraco community so you’ll always find the help you need

Ultimately, as a public sector organisation, one of your main priorities should be your customers and how they perceive the service they’re receiving from you to be. If using a one-size-fits-all CMS, your efforts will be seriously inhibited. Having a flexible, intuitive CMS like Umbraco will ensure that you provide a better service and experience to your customers. Not only that, you would also be making life easier for your team; the ones who use the system daily. Why would you not want to consider improving the efficiency of your process through digital capabilities?

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