Being an Umbraco Certified Partner

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When launching a new website or commissioning your latest digital project, choosing a website development agency can prove to be overwhelming. It’s certainly not a decision that you should rush, but how do you differentiate between one agency’s strengths and another?

Being an Umbraco agency, there’s no denying that competition is rife. So, why should you choose to work with Brace Digital over other agencies? Besides the fact that we’re reliable, proactive, process-driven and straight-talking (if we do say so ourselves), we are also Umbraco experts with over 20 years of experience. Yes, we know - this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re one of the best agencies out there. We could be an old-school Umbraco agency, stuck in the nineties with an outdated way of thinking.

We’re not.

But, how can you trust that we are what we say we are?

Well, we are actually an Umbraco Certified Partner. This means you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands. Here are 3 reasons why us being Umbraco certified is a benefit to you:

1) Our Umbraco skills are up-to-date

We receive the latest news and updates directly from Umbraco, as well as access to the latest Umbraco training, meaning we’ll never miss a trick or be stuck in the past with best practices. In fact, all of our team regularly attend official Umbraco training courses!

2) We’ve been validated by Umbraco themselves

We’re recognised as an official Umbraco partner, so you can trust that we will deliver what we say we’re going to do - it’s not just our reputation on the line, it’s Umbraco’s too!

3) We have direct access to Umbraco for support

Umbraco has a friendly open source community of experts who are always on hand with tips and advice. Not only that, if we needed to speak to someone from Umbraco directly, as an Umbraco Certified Partner, we are able to do so.

What does becoming an Umbraco Certified Partner involve?

In order to officially become an Umbraco Certified Partner, at least two of our developers would have needed to pass a certain number of Umbraco certification courses. These lessons are taught by specialists from Umbraco HQ. Some of the skills covered include: the fundamentals of Umbraco, security in Umbraco, integrating Umbraco with other applications, and more.

What’s more, the certification status only lasts for 24 months which means that to keep up with our expert status, we need to continuously update our knowledge and learn the latest skills and technologies.

So, in summary, yes, choosing the right website development agency for your specific requirements can be difficult, but you can be sure that when we say we know and love the intricacies of Umbraco, we’re not just saying it! As an Umbraco Certified Partner, you can be confident in our abilities and trust that we’ll deliver your project efficiently - there to provide advice and support while listening to your needs and wants.

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